AliveBiome® Manifesto | Your daily dose of probiotics | Pro-Gut Health
Our Manifesto

The world is a tough place to be right now. One in two of us will probably experience cancer at some point in our lives, mental health issues are more prevalent than ever and the incidence of Multiple Sclerosis is on the increase, if ever there was a time to live in the moment and suck every last morsel out of life, it has to be now!

But so many people are struggling to do this. Some with chronic illnesses, some with debilitating diseases but for many of us just nagging, daily gripes of just not feeling 100%, perhaps lacking in energy, picking up every cold and cough going or suffering from anxiety over household bills or the eldest taking their A Levels.

So how can we, in our pressured, busy lives juggling work, families, household chores, and our health, give ourselves a boost – not only to cope with, but to enjoy and thrive on life?

When we have severe symptoms we go to our GP for advice or medical intervention but if we just feel a bit below par, we do nothing. But the effect of feeling this way can be huge and really prevent us living our lives to the max. Taking the right combination of vitamins, botanicals and probiotics on a daily basis, can really make a difference.

Turning to probiotics to support our gut health is nothing new, it has long been established that good quality probiotics can effectively support our ‘second brain’ – the gut. We just need to educate people as to exactly how crucial this is. If we don’t look after our gut health we put ourselves at increased risk of so many conditions, obesity, allergies, mental health problems, rheumatoid arthritis, the list goes on.

Yes, I am a co-founder of Alive Biome, a new company selling probiotic drinks, but I really don’t care about that. I am passionate about a healthy world, one where people not only understand the importance of exercise and a balanced diet, but also truly appreciate when an additional nudge, such a daily probiotic, can really make a huge difference. So please everyone, take note, and help yourself to a long and healthy life by taking good quality probiotics every day.

Brian Crowther |Co-Founder, AliveBiome