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Healthy gut,
healthy mind
Healthy gut,
balanced metabolism
Healthy gut,
healthier immunity

Your daily dose of probiotics.

Not a fad: Our probiotic PushPod delivers 10 billion alive cultures when you are ready.

Pro-Life Pro-Gut Pro-Biome

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What are the benefits?
  • Vitamins

    Word derived from the chemical name amine and the Latin word vita, “life”. Supports immunity, metabolism, mental well being.

  • Stress

    Probiotics, botanical and vitamins positively impact on stress relief, anxiety – supporting coping mechanism.

  • Inflammation

    Probiotics support the reduction of inflammation. Strengthen immunity and increase gut health.

  • Psychological function

    Probiotics, botanical, vitamin combination to strengthen mental well being.

  • Brain

    Probiotics and botanical to enhance cognitive function and concentration.

  • Physical strength

    Probiotics, botanical and vitamins to increase daily activity and energy levels. Reducing tiredness and fatigue.

  • Metabolism

    Probiotics, botanical and vitamins to support positive energy metabolism.

  • No nasties

    Natural ingredients, no added sugar, no nasties.

  • Water

    Major importance to all living things. We are 60% water – therefore we maintained the importance (375mL water = 375g water plus 2.5 g ingredients – less than 1% additive).


100% pure water ready to be mixed with vitamins, botanicals, probiotics and natural flavour.

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Peter Gollwitzer, a psychology professor at New York University who specializes in the relationship between goals and behaviour, discovered that people have to make plans on how to implement their goals. The most effective plans are those that specify when, where and how you want to act on your goals by using an “if-then” format. Therefore “if” you want to change your probiotic intake “then” we can support you by offering a subscription of our AliveBiome probiotic caps. Too simple? – just try it.

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